Welcome to the Regenerative Flower Farmers Network

It All Stems from the Soil!

About RFFN

The Regenerative Flower Farmers Network (RFFN) is an engaged and ever-curious community of flower farmers with a foremost interest in viewing their farms as whole and dynamic ecosystems, rather than a simplified production-focused enterprise. Join this nerdy network to passionately discuss the complex world of soil health, natural farming practices like KNF and JADAM, habitat building, biodynamics, microbiology, climate resiliency, farmer resiliency and much more!!

In addition to being a community space, RFFN serves as an organized repository of articles and reference resources for regenerative flower farmers on the go.  An easy-to-use app is included with membership and lets you tap into the network on your phone while getting work done in the field.

You may have found RFFN through a post on Facebook or Instagram.  But one important distinction about this network is that it is NOT a social media platform. This is a stand-alone site that, on the surface, functions much like a social media feed.  HOWEVER, there is no algorithm here controlling what you see, there is no data mining happening, there are no trolls or bots stirring up trouble, and there is zero advertising to clog up the feed.  When you’re on the RFFN site, you’ll only ever see pertinent, well-organized content relating to flower farming. 

Become a member of RFFN for just $3.95/month or $19.95/year!*


Optional participation in special collaborative spaces within the network, such as Hive Minds, Short Courses and Cohorts, requires a greater investment to support the creation of the content and to pay our knowledgeable mentors for their time and expertise.  You can subscribe to the Hive Minds for $9.95/month.  Subscribers are free to come and go as they please so subscribe for just a month or two to get the help you need and then opt out without any penalty.  

Small, working Cohorts also meet within RFFN.  These intimate groups of no more than 25 learners come together once a month for private, live sessions with a mentor to help accelerate their understanding of a special area of interest.  Registration fees for these Cohorts varies and is separate from basic membership in RFFN.  Members will be invited to register for Cohorts before the general public. 


RFNN is meant to be many voices and faces from many different backgrounds around the globe, all contributing to a central hub for learning and stewardship.  At its inception in December 2021, RFFN has been the passion project of one particular voice: Jennie Love, host of the No-Till Flowers podcast, passionate farm educator, and past president of the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers.  Much of the initial content available through RFFN has been created by Jennie over the course of more than a decade of flower farming and writing.  



*When joining via an Apple device/app, an additional surcharge is applied (this is Apple's fee, not RFFN's) so the price of membership is $4.99/month or $25.99/year for Apple users. To avoid this additional surcharge, please make your transaction through a web browser instead of going through the Apple store.